Part 1: From SPSS to Python

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Getting Started

Install Python

Understanding Command Prompt

Image by Author
C:\Users\username>cd desktop
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Installing and Understanding the Python Packages

Installing the Coding Environment

pip install {name of package}
>pip install notebook
py -m pip install -U pip
C:\Users\'user name'>

Installing the Data Analysis Packages

Data Analysis Packages

pip install numpy
pip install pandas
pip install scipy
pip install -U scikit-learn
pip install statistics

Data Visualisation Tools

pip install matplotlib
pip install seaborn
pip install openpyxl

Creating Your First Python File in Jupyter

and closing it properly

Opening up a new notebook

  1. Through file manager create a new folder on your PC and name it whatever you.
  1. Place any/all files you will be using in the data folder
  2. I personally like to make an output folder as well, just to store any images, new CSV files that I make.
  3. Your folder should look like this:
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C:\Users\'user name'>E:
E:\>cd E:\’user name’\Documents\Tutorials for Medium
E:\'user name'\Documents\Tutorials for Medium>
E:\'user name'\Documents\Tutorials for Medium>jupyter notebook
Image by Author
Image by Author
Image by Author

Saving and Closing Your Notebook

[I 13:20:18.631 NotebookApp] Kernel shutdown: bb127fb0-eaaf-4d6d-ae1c-1c6d44aaa551E:\'username'\Documents\Tutorials for Medium>

Follow on for Part 2



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