Current PhD Candidate in Australia. Studies in Human-Computer Interactions and Games Design. Owner and Editor of The Games Development Journal


  • Ross


  • Nicolas de Kerchove

    Nicolas de Kerchove

    Mobile app, game and startup expert. Growth Hacker. Awarded Entrepreneur. Nicolas has worked on 30+games, closed 10+ publisher deals and raised 6 funding rounds

  • Steven Bentinck

    Steven Bentinck

    Searching for a better tomorrow …

  • nphilosophy


    Share the book what i was read. They are motivational, good thought, self development, self improvement, easy to practice in your daily life

  • Paul JARRIGE

    Paul JARRIGE

    The Revolution Will Be HustleTweeted! Advocate / Special Counsel IG:

  • Luke Duckett

    Luke Duckett

    Unity developer with a love of learning all things programming.

  • MLee


    Artificial Intelligence PhD student. Help support these articles by signing up for Medium membership with this link

  • Mahan Agha Zahedi

    Mahan Agha Zahedi

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