Reclaim.Ai — Achieving EffectiveTime Blocking with AI

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The Premise

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What Works Well

I came into using Reclaim with a few goals in mind. Finding time to complete some personal coding work, drawing, exercise, leaving time for deep work and managing my work schedule around these goals.

The Problems (and features for the future?)

While some parts of the world are in lockdown, I am not. My time is now divided into working from home and f2f work. While there is a feature to account for travel time, it doesn’t detect which tasks require travel time very well and I can’t select the tasks that do require travel time. Having the ability to select tasks and tick that they require travel time would help immensely in my time blocking.


Overall, I really love it! I feel after this week of experimentation I’m going to take some time to really fix some of my own personal issues when it comes to time blocking(expecting too much of myself, not allocating breaks etc). I think in the future this is going to be incredibly helpful towards my productivity. In particular when it comes to my self motivated work like studying, writing, drawing etc. While there are some features I would like to see in the future, I’m more than happy to ride out an application in its early conception.



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