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Current PhD Candidate in Australia. Studies in Human-Computer Interactions and Games Design

Performing an Independent T-Test in Python

This tutorial is based on trying to translate the output you would usually get performing an Independent T-Test in SPSS into Python. This will be done using the principles of Project-Based learning so we will be putting you in the deep end to find answers to errors or problems you may encounter. I find project-based learning to be the most beneficial but if you want to learn some more fundamentals I would recommend Treehouse, Codeacademy


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The main purpose of using this guide is to help you learn how to use Python, do multiple different tests with datasets and then how to display these datasets. By following this guide, my hope is by the end you are a Python data analysis expert and can use these new skills in the workforce.

This guide is aimed at people coming from SPSS to Python but if you are new to Python this guide will work for you as well. This is done through Windows 10 so different installation might be required on Mac.

Getting Started

Install Python

The first step is to…

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When I started my Ph.D. SPSS was the only way to do data analysis and I accepted all the faults that came with it. I didn’t understand statistics that well and I was trying to keep up and do my best. I had heard of R but the thought of learning a programming language that only benefits data analysis didn’t appeal to me. I wished there was a better option in my field but struggled to find anything. That is until I met someone who was using Python. Their skillset in data analysis was far beyond me, using Python to…

Nicoletta Tancred

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