7 Games to Play for the Non-Gamer

Photo by Branden Skeli on Unsplash

Mobile Games

We all have a smartphone and mobile games are a great entry into video games. Do not believe the idea of “ you’re just a casual”, it doesn’t matter. If you play games on whatever device you are a gamer.


Photo by: Jorja Keay on RTRFM

Monument Valley 1 & 2

Photo by Colin Campbell from Polygon

Alto’s Adventure

Photo by and from BitShiftProgrammer

PC Games

Most of these games you should be able to play on any PC you have. They’re a minimal strain on the GPU and only require a connection to download them.


Photo by Darren Franich from Entertainment Weekly


Photo from and by Firewatch Dev Team

Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Photo by and from GameCross


Photo by and from Portal Strategy Wiki

Why should you play games?

If you are still unconvinced there are numerous benefits to playing games. Games have been proven to have helped develop our cognitive ability, physical abilities and emotional abilities. Video games have been proven to improve our lives in terms of enhancing our abilities to learn new skills, improving our attention, and could potentially fight cognitive decay as a result of aging.

Go Forth and Start Gaming!

As a final note, it doesn’t matter what game you start with what types of games you enjoy. It’s about finding what gives you the best experience. Find what you like about these games and go searching for similar experiences.



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